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Beautiful design is as essential to life as clean air and fresh water. It is a form of aesthetic sustenance. Artisella is a cultivator at heart, nurturing the growth of unique designs that celebrates craftsmanship, quality and longevity.

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Respect and commitment

Respect, for humans and ecosystems, is both a daily choice and a commitment that we make with every carefully chosen independent designer.

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Modernity has produced a yearning for connections to the stories, people and materials of the world. We search for those connections and bring them to you.  

in conversation with: MARIE-PIER LABELLE

After obtaining a Bachelors in Film Production at Concordia University in Montréal, Marie-Pier moved to Australia in 2004 and worked in the camera department on feature films for 9 years. Days of August started as a side project that quickly grew to a full time business in just two years. As Days of August has developed and evolved, its core ethos has remained the same. Using recycled and reclaimed materials to make unique pieces by hand.

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