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By Stephanie Wilson


Summer is finally here and we're so excited about all the amazingness that comes with warmer weather. Commuting on your bike, beach days, outdoor markets and concerts, road trips and picnics are all ahead. But what we're not up for is wasting summer daylight fussing over outfits or searching through overstuffed closets for our fave bikini. So we think this is the perfect time to embrace the minimalist idea of a capsule wardrobe and simplify our closets. Are you with us? Here are some easy tips for simplifying your wardrobe this summer:

1. Invest in a goes-with-everything accessory.

When you're wearing light and breezy summer pieces you don't want to mess around with statement jewelry. Try choosing a single accessory that will see you through the season. This could be a sun hat or anklet, but we love the idea of bringing back the watch. A vegan leather, consciously made Votch watch is a timeless classic that can take you from office to picnic in no time.

vegan watch

2. Travel light. 

When planning a capsule wardrobe, you'll want to think about making an investment in a single bag that's roomy enough for all your essentials, but versatile so that you can wear it anywhere. FashionABLE's best-selling Mayume Tote fits the bill. It's durable enough to carry a laptop in, but the neutral colour means that it can also work as a beach bag.

classic tote

3. Take it from the office to the streets. 

Just because it's summer doesn't mean your load is lightened. Check out the emerging Toronto-based UnCo. to help you design a capsule wardrobe that can take you from workday to beach day with only 6 to 12 pieces. The service is especially helpful if you're new to capsule dressing and don't know where to start.

Minimalist wardrobe

4. Try seasonless dressing. 

Who says that an experiment with capsule dressing has to end when the weather turns cooler? By choosing simple pieces such as dresses by designer Cassandra Elizabeth, you can wear them now and plan to wear them later. When autumn comes, simply add a pair of tights and a chic jacket and you've got an outfit that works all year. And the same goes for shirts: try and incorporate one that is light enough for outdoor summer concerts, but can be paired with a blazer once the summer is over.

minimalist clothing

5.  Make that bathing suit work.

Throwing on a structured or flowy dress over a swim suit can elevate it to body suit versatility. Or add a classic white button up shirt over a bikini top for those hottest days of summer. Wearing your suit when you're not around water can extend your summer capsule wardrobe. And kudos if you also choose a sustainable suit from brands such as Naja, Patagonia or Montreal-based Mimi & August!


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