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New pop-up store at Queen Street West!

Opened on August 5th and running until September 30th, the shop is a small within Bastone & Co's Toronto Handmade Collective. Trish Bastone, the owner of the space, is an artist who makes wood and marble furniture and home decor pieces. She decided to open up the store because she was looking for ways to sell her products and stumbled upon this space for rent on Queen West. What initially would have been a pop-up turned into a permanent store where Toronto artisans can rent shelf space and have a more integrated merchandising approach with each other. One of Artisella's loyal customer forwarded her vendor call out. In the 100 square foot space, Artisella was able to fully design and visually tell the story of their shop and brands.

queen street west

Sheryl Luz, the founder of Artisella, had a clear vision for the pop-up and worked with visual display artists Ellen Chung and Melissa David to bring that vision to life. "I wanted to create a modern but cozy space incorporating geometric shapes and patterns," explains Sheryl. "We used neutral and black and white palette on our fixtures so that products will stand out. I also want the stories of the brands and Artisella to be visible everywhere." With that in mind, she created a storyboard that includes pictures, letters and quotes. She also installed a quotation pertaining to slow fashion in the space so that shoppers can be sure about Artisella's ethos of made in Canada, vegan, handmade, fair trade, artisan and eco-friendly - before any brands join Artisella they must have at least one or two of these guiding principles.

pop-up toronto

pop-up toronto

Many of the display materials in the space come from existing, reclaimed or secondhand materials, further reflecting the shop's retail ethics. Wine crates, used as floating shelves in the shop, came from the LCBO. They were given to Artisella in exchange for a donation to Sick Kids.

popup shop toronto

The pop-up features many ethical brands from around the world. Here is the full list of what you'll find in store:

Days of August - Recycled and repurposed industrial stainless steal are reborn as beautiful and unusual jewelry pieces.

Dee De Lara - Jewelry made from vintage and deadstock findings and industrial materials. Made with a bricolage approach inspired by the Surrealist and Dada art movements. Made in Toronto.

Tania Love - This Toronto-based textile artist carefully hand screen-printed and dyed each piece with plant-based inks such as black walnut, sumac, pomegranate and goldenrod.

Cave - These earth-fired porcelain necklaces explore color, form, function and beauty in the imperfect.

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VOTCH - Votch is a vegan leather watch company that is designed in London and launched in 2016.

Kris Nations - This line of jewelry is timeless and the perfect addition to any woman’s jewelry collection.

Far and Wide Collective - Each piece grows a business, and helps make life better for an Afghan family. Designed by Canadian jewelry designer, Jenny Bird. 

Haiti Design Co-op - A social enterprise founded in 2014 with the goal to bring about sustainable development through design, training, and job creation in Haiti.

popup toronto

Landmine Design - Employs 23 women and sells jewelry across the globe. Every bead is rolled from paper and every design is assembled by hand in the Landmine village, Cambodia.

FASHIONABLE - A socially conscious accessories brand based in Nashville, Tennessee dedicated to empowering women who have overcome challenges such as addiction and prostitution.

Krochet Kids - A non-profit organization empowering women in Uganda and Peru through employment, mentorship and education.

Apse Adorn - Handmade jewelry from Washington State designed with intention to promote love, unity and freedom.

Brave Collection - A line of jewelry handmade by local artisans in Cambodia to celebrate bravery and empower women across the globe.

Aura Que - Every product is designed and developed in collaboration between UK designer, Laura Queening and the small producer groups she works with in Nepal.

Ichcha - All products are handspun and hand-woven from natural and high quality material, colorfully dipped in a bath of vegetable and fruit dye. Made by artisans in India.

popup toronto

The pop-up is located at 913 Queen Street West in Toronto, and is now open until September 30th! Be sure to check it out to find ethical goods from all of the above brands. 

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