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#WOMENCRUSHWEDNESDAY - Eivey Co-Founder, Maryna de Lannoy

 That Special Piece 
by Maryna de Lannoy

The conversation all over social media is capsule closets, sustainable fashion and key pieces.  As much as it feels like a bandwagon, I have to say there are so many reasons that thoughtful simplifying is the way to go.

Although my closet is not quite a capsule closet yet, (I have many beautiful pieces for sale on Eivey, as I try to streamline) I do have my go to silhouettes. My solution to creating ever changing outfits is to add that “special piece”.  I could be wearing a silk blouse and jeans which could look plain till I add statement earrings for instance, and a stunning watch.

Living with less makes life flow that much easier, pieces become more meaningful. It is that feeling you have when you have packed perfectly for a trip. You know exactly what you have to wear, for day, dinner into the evening, planned right down to the accessories. To me, that is a perfect wardrobe.  

I work in Interior Design, where following the lines of architecture inspire what the possibilities are.  I’m drawn to architectural pieces in my closet as well. My dear friend Sheryl, founder of Artisella has a keen eye for these ‘special finds’.  I love shopping her curation!

Here are some of my favourites that make my everyday feel stylized and professional:

Votch Watch | all black | $198 

Apse Diamond Ear Jacket | all black | $48 

Apse Culvert Cuff | Brass | $45

Days of August Geo pendant | Stainless steel | $59

Adjustable Double V ring | Gold Fill | $28


Eivey founders Maryna de Lannoy and Laura Sim found a solution to declutter your closet while making money! Eivey is an online buy & sell platform of pre-loved fashion where you can sell your closet without the hassle of meet ups. 

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