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Its shape and texture are reminiscent of Ouroboros, the famous snake that bites its tail, symbolizing the eternal renewal. We find this symbol in many ancient mythologies around the world: Egyptian, Greek, Nordic, Vedic and Aztec.

  • Colour achieved using natural materials like sand, pigments and /or spices and crystallized in resin 
  • Stainless steel metal
  • Hypoallergenic, tested and approved on sensitive skin 
  • Light and strong earrings 
  • Handmade in Montreal


* The jewel you receive will have exactly the same shape as the picture. Since the manufacturing process is artisanal, there may be a slight difference in shades or texture with the photo. Each piece has its uniqueness.


Inspired by urban architecture, age of ancient civilization and mineral texture, Montreal based designer, Perrine Marez creates eco-friendly jewelry using natural materials such as sand, spices, indigo, and minerals with stainless steel for metal. 

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