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About us

Artisella was born in response to mindless consumption and the ever-narrowing array of choice in a world dominated by homogenization. We believe in the unique vision of independent designers, opening windows into their creative worlds and honouring those who are pushing industries forward.   

Artisella’s products are sourced according to standards based upon the central tenants of beautiful design, respect for humans and ecosystems, and building connections to people and materials. Maintaining these standards builds trust, a valuable commodity within a world of misinformation.



We support designers who work within their unique local contexts, engage their communities and bring their situated perspective to an ever globalized world.


We believe in products that are mindful of the world, its precious resources and our collective impact.


We believe in the power of re-use, sourcing products that recognize the value of quality, re-envision used materials and give them a new life.


There is no beauty when people are hurt in the process of creation. We source products that treat the makers fairly and ethically.

Our Story

Founded by Sheryl Luz-Soler in December 2015, Artisella was part reaction, part affirmation. During her 9+ years working in wholesale and retail, Sheryl had grown accustomed to the transactional realities of sales targets, lead times and the push towards ever cheaper products.

One day an organic cotton denim line crossed her desk with a sales pack full of stories about farmers, materials and makers. That night Sheryl found herself researching organic cotton, stumbling upon the growing world of slow fashion.  

In that moment she felt a homecoming.

She remembered her mother’s garment business in the Philippines, growing up surrounded by pattern makers and sewing machines. She remembered the women whose lives were enriched by textiles. She remembered the local boutiques that carried these handmade clothes.

And she realized what had been missing. Despite representing numerous brands, none of them represented the level of investment, care and commitment she had witnessed in her mother’s business.


Artisella was born in reaction to mindless consumption. It is an affirmation of our capacity to do things differently. It is an invitation to slow down and invest in the world and its people.  

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