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Designer Profile: Cyntia Miglio

Cyntia Miglio once said of her creations, “Everything starts with a single piece of wire.” Despite the endlessly chic concepts, which eventually take shape, this statement speaks volumes to the open rawness of her design technique and the myriad creativeness from which it is drawn. Cyntia's mainly inspirations are the ocean, organic shapes & modernist Architecture. The designer consider her designs an extension of herself: a working process - Creating - Experimenting and Living.


Tell us your journey on becoming a jewelry designer.

I believe jewellery is an outlet for my creativity. Since I was a kid what made me happy was to think about an idea and make it real. I would draw something and ask my grandma, mom or dad if they could get me what I needed and go make it what I had created. I got in touch with jewellery because my grandfather was a gemstones dealer. He would give me the bad stones so i could make jewellery with them. I think thats how I started to get close to jewellery making. My mother always love jewellery, she would wear all my designs even if the weren't the best. My passion is to draw, to experiment and to make something myself. That's what I love to do.


You are originally from Brazil, how have your culture influenced your work? 

I think the weather and the lifestyle contribute a lot to my aesthetics. Everything I design the main inspiration is the tropical weather and organic shapes. In my culture nothing is exactly planned, but in Brazil we seem to appreciate everything. People are genuinely happy no matter what the circumstances are.  

Walk us through your design process creating a Cyntia Miglio piece.

My designs starts with thinking, but also hands on! I love working with gold wires. When I work making jewellery out of wire I am there making something, but I can just change in the process and make something completely different. Thats why I say my jewellery is an experimental process. I can start with an idea and end up with another one that just happened in the process. When I am designing a collection I like to study the theme I am designing. When I say studying it's a really deep research into the theme. I would read and watch every information I can find. After I know what that means I will design what I took from that learning experience. 

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