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Designer Profile: Apse Adorn




Apse Adorn is a brand of minimal, handmade accessories for men and women designed with the intention to promote a culture of love, unity and freedom. Apse donates 10% of all profits made from their ethical products to non-profit organizations working to nurture this culture. (photo: Co-founders: Hayley and Jarod)







Tell us about your journey starting APSE.

Shortly after getting married, it became pretty clear that we, as a couple, were very passionate about unity, specifically between men and women. Our hearts for victims of human trafficking and the mindsets that perpetuate an abuse of love seem to multiply to the point where we couldn't just sit back any longer. We both are artists by trade, and have ample experience handcrafting jewelry, wood-working, and just general producing and designing. It seemed an extremely natural step to begin a company based on making wearable products, that not only financially support non-profits fighting to end oppression, but that symbolize just how every one of us is a beautiful, powerful and worthy being. 


"Slow fashion is an unwillingness to compromise. It means a deep, authentic investment in your products, from the materials, to the labor, to the intention behind its design."



What does slow fashion means to you and why is it important? 

Slow fashion is an unwillingness to compromise. It means a deep, authentic investment in your products, from the materials, to the labor, to the intention behind its design. To have this kind of relationship with what you create is super important because what you produce, also produces. Its like anything you create - a piece of art, a child, etc. - it carries power and does have an effect on the lives of others. We hope that all our products create a mindset of unity, love and freedom, and it can be easy to look over a step out of haste, and as a result, have that mission compromised. 


Walk us through the process of making an Apse piece. 

First, any components that are apart of a piece need to be cut or carved, whether its a clay bead, brass shape or wood piece. These are made in our outdoor studio, where we store many of these materials, as well as our larger, messier tools (saws, drills, sanders, etc). All our materials - clay, brass, gold, stones (with the exception of our obsidian, which is from an awesome fair trade/direct trade provider) - are sourced from within the United States from trusted manufacturers, and we use recycled wood for all our wood pieces! Once any individual pieces are complete, they head to our indoor studio, where we assemble them by hand, give them a nice shiny coat if needed, and pack them up with our packaging that we handmade as well. 


Tell me about the non-profit organization you support and why is it important to you?  

The A21 Campaign - their defining statement being, "abolishing injustice in the 21st century" - was a non-profit that helped educate Hayley at a much younger age about what human trafficking was. This organization was founded by a husband and wife, and is one of the leading global non-profits dealing with human trafficking currently. They have 11 administration offices and safe houses across the globe and report daily of freed people, their educational services and efforts, and testimonies of restored victims. They are working heavily with the 6.5 million Syrian refugees to bring them water, shelter and preventative education. They believe we will see the end of modern day slavery, and with hope and determination like that, we can't help but want to join them.


What are your future plans?

Apse has some big ideas for the future. We have plans to expand our product line into other wearable items, and we would love to someday create a space where retail, production and empowerment combine; where people can shop, see our products being made by real people that they can talk to, and also hang out and read or get a cup of coffee. We would also love to be able to employ women in underdeveloped areas and/or at-risk youth. That is a big goal of ours. 


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